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Define Le Prive

Le Prive Defined

Le Prive’ can be defined as a family owned entity that originated in 2008 with a sole envisioned purpose; Create an upscale beauty/wellness community where accomplished professionals have complete control over businesses that empower themselves while uplifting the communities in which they live and serve. Our pride lies with building lasting partnerships with each and every studio owner. Our beauty community is comprised of carefully selected beauty professionals that offer a vast range of services. Exceeding expectations is what we do and who we are. Offering various move-in packages, assisting tenants with application and licensing procedures, studio customizations and maintaining a safe, clean and sanitized facility is a small glimpse of our integrity and character.

Salon Studio/Suite Concept Defined

The Salon Studio/Suite concept modernized the beauty industry. This new way of doing business transforms traditional booth rental and commission structured salons, spas and wellness centers into an outdated industry option. The origin of this transcending concept was conceived for accomplished beauty professionals desiring an affordable yet rewarding option to business ownership. Booth rental and commission based salons are stifling, you the employee reap minimal benefits while the owner capitalizes off of you, their investment. Transitioning to a studio is an equally beneficial alternative solution for current owners of free standing salons, spas or wellness centers seeking a minimalist approach to business ownership.

Suite/Studio Defined

We prefer to define them as beauty boutiques, but for industry standards sake we use suites/studios. Imagine a 5,400 sq. ft. facility that houses 30 studios varying in size, and priced accordingly. The varying sizes are 90, 100, 135 and 180 sq. ft. The 90 and 100 sq. ft. studios are adequate and intended for individual stylist, while the 135 and 180 sq. ft. can comfortably accommodate two stylists. Each suite/studio is built out and equipped to serve as a fully functional salon or spa. If you provide a beauty service other than a salon or spa, we can reasonably customize a studio to complement your business needs.